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Spotlight On NW Creative: Northern BC Tourism Association

SmashLab in Vancouver had some fun coming up with ways to educate visitors to Northern British Columbia. BTW, here’s an example of me defying the good advice given in the ad above.

Network Television Still Offers A Massive Prime Time Audience

When John McCain considered skipping out on the first debate, I thought, that’s interesting, I wonder if Obama can just take the entire 90 minutes. As we now know, McCain decided to show up and he’s likely to show up again for the third debate next week. Yet, Obama wants the viewers’ full attention, and […]

Subliminal Advertising Isn’t Good, Mate

A TV station in Australia has been using one-frame logos as a way to help promote brands: The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today found Network Ten guilty of breaching the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice during the broadcast of the 2007 ARIA Music Awards on October 28. During the introduction of nominated […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Integrity Spirits

Portland’s ID Branding brought home some One Show Design love for its packaging of Lovejoy Vodka, an Integrity Spirits’ brand. There is so much to love about our client Integrity Spirits. First, it’s a Portland distillery that makes small batch, hand-crafted spirits. Second, it’s run by two passionate and talented young guys who happen to […]

If You Call It Art, It’s Art. Yes, It’s That Easy.

ATTN: STEVE GRASSE SEEKS TO JOIN MATTHEW BARNEY AND DAMIEN HIRST AMONG THE RANKS OF THE WORLD’S FOREMOST CONCEPTUAL ARTISTS To the uneducated viewer, Bikini Bandits might appear to be nothing more than eye-candy. However, the creator of the series, has much loftier ideas. In fact, Gyro Worldwide CEO, Steve Grasse, sees Bikini Bandits as […]

Talk About “Off The Charts”

Our national debt–over the $10 trillion mark–is now greater than the machine constructed in 1989 to count it. Wired says the digital dollar sign has been replaced with a cheaper, non-digital version to make room for the extra number.

Save The Banking Industry. Invent Mobile Utility.

According to Fortune, the mobile ad market is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2013, up from an estimated $1.72 billion this year. Sweet. Count me in. Fortune also mentions that 100 million apps have been downloaded on the iPhone since July. Many of these apps are free, but others are worth paying for. […]

Best Thing I’ve Seen on YouTube In Ages

You’re not going to see this on CNN. Score one for citizen activist reporting.