Archives for August 2008

Italy: Beautiful Country, Bad Client

If you think your client is a little too bureaucratic and slow, try designing a web site for Italy. The Wall Street Journal has more: Through the official Web site, Italy plans to showcase its cultural, natural and gastronomical treasures, while also helping tourists with hotel and travel bookings. The portal is scheduled to go […]

The Right Placement

Here’s what you see this week as you leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and head into the Twin Cities: Minneapolis is the site of the Republican Convention next week.

Word of the Day: Prewards

Marketing to digital natives aged 12 to 26 is a tough task for the Gen X (and older) crowd, for Millennials have built up a heretofore unseen immunity to typical marketing come ons. But Millennials are not perfectly immune. According to BusinessWeek, a marketer simply needs to speak their language. And thanks to efforts by […]

Brands Spawn Labels

I often find myself saying, “If you’re thinking it, someone else is doing it.” According to Ad Age, that someone else is Pepsi. Sprouting from its Green Label Art initiative, the Pepsi brand has launched a virtual record label dedicated to digital singles. Green Label Sound, as the nascent outlet is called, has lined up […]

It Ain’t Easy

Mark Fitzloff, Wieden + Kennedy’s newly appointed co-ECD said something to Adweek that I like. “People think it’s easy to work on Nike. But what we’ve learned is that provocative advertising is not sector specific.”

This McCain Is Rich…In Sodium and Potassium

When your brand shares the same name as a Presidential candidate, why not take advantage of it? That’s what McCain Foods is doing: McCain Foods, a Canadian package-food company that has languished in American freezer aisles for years, has decided it’s time for a change — at least in frozen potatoes. McCain and Chicago-based agency […]

LinkedIn Goes Hollywood

I generally like the no-frills, mostly business approach of LinkedIn. But today’s New York Times reports that the site is struggling, and may find a bit of a boost in with the Hollywood crowd: The company bills itself as “the world’s largest and most powerful business network” but is known to most people as the […]

We Sell Guns

Talking about gun control in a commercial context is tough. Like abortion, it’s a polarizing topic. Yet, it’s one that can’t be brushed under the rug–not in a nation of shooters. According to Adfreak, Modernista has erected the nation’s largest outdoor board on the Mass Pike near Fenway Park on behalf of its client, Stop […]