This McCain Is Rich…In Sodium and Potassium

When your brand shares the same name as a Presidential candidate, why not take advantage of it? That’s what McCain Foods is doing:

McCain Foods, a Canadian package-food company that has languished in American freezer aisles for years, has decided it’s time for a change — at least in frozen potatoes.
McCain and Chicago-based agency Schafer Condon Carter decided on “Why McCain should be in the White House.” The campaign is for the company’s namesake frozen french fries, sweet-potato fries and kid-friendly “smiles.” Since McCain doesn’t use trans-fatty oils, a sample slogan is “McCain goes to war over oil.” Another one: “McCain brings ‘smiles’ to millions,” referencing the company’s disc-shaped potato product with smiley faces cut out.

Don’t know if the McCain the politician will care, but the confusion can sometimes be a problem. I do remember that back in the 80’s, His Purpleness didn’t like this spot:



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