Archives for August 2008

Now In Pacifica

AdPulp started in our NW Chicago apartment nearly four years ago. Soon thereafter, BFG Communications invited me to move to Hilton Head Island to work on Diageo’s liquor brands and Camel. I’m still with BFG, but Darby and I have relocated to Portland, Oregon. I snapped the above photo of Crater Lake with my iPhone […]

Advertisers Try To Get Some Face Time

New facial-recognition marketing efforts are cropping up. What might make for a good plot twist in a Sci-fi novel is actually detailed in The Wall Street Journal. Dunkin’ Donuts is among the first marketers in the U.S. to begin testing the technologies, at two locations in Buffalo, N.Y. People ordering a coffee in the morning […]

“Get Off Of My Cloud” Turned On Its Head

John Battelle, CEO of Battelle Media, a company that sells advertising for a group of high profile blogs, is now venturing into experiential marketing. According to Ad Age, Battelle organized what he’s calling CrowdFire at this weekend’s Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. CrowdFire is an attempt to bring a mash-up of the thousands […]

Not Gonna Let Them Catch the Midnight Rida

According to Adweek, Unilever’s Axe brand is the title sponsor of Midnight Rida, a spoof of the 1980s kitschy television classic Knight Rider, which NBC is resurrecting in prime time this year. Created by maniaTV, the Axe brand often appears at the center of the story line. The series demonstrates a growing trend of having […]

I Hope You Have A Bigger Toolbox

On c|net, Tim Leberecht describes the need for convergence of marketing disciplines and the opportunity it creates for the people and agencies capable of making this ideal a reality. Brand, user experience design, product design, marketing communications, PR, online advertising, etc.–what we’re seeing is an increased convergence of all these creative disciplines. It is not […]

Who Saw This Coming?

It appears Alex Bogusky and Chuck Porter have written a diet book that argues for the use of a 9-inch plate at every meal, which can decrease one’s caloric intake by 30 to 35 percent. Sounds like a good idea, but what if one stacks said 9-inch plate a mile high with starches and other […]

When People Ask Why You’re Majoring In Anthropology, You Can Tell Them You’re Working To Improve Market Intelligence

Author, Scott Berkun, spoke to anthropologist, Grant McCracken, for the Harvard Business Review. Here’s a small bit of what McCracken offered: Anthropologists specialize in the study of culture, and culture matters in marketing because it supplies the infrastructure for thought and feeling in America. How consumers see the product, the service, or the pitch, these […]

Adidas, No. Timberland, Yes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that British agency, Leagas Delaney, is on the rise again after nearly going under in 2003. In the past three years, Leagas Delaney has roughly doubled annual revenue to $30 million. Recent new clients include the Body Shop, Timberland and Dyson, a vacuum-cleaner manufacturer. Tim Delaney, 62, says he can […]