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St. Paul Turns Purple

Campbell Mithun and Hungry Man Productions invite their fellow Minnesotans to roll out the red carpet next week as thousands of Republicans visit their traditionally Democratic state. According to the campaign’s web site, The UnConvention is a non-partisan collective of citizens who have come together to create a forum in which to promote the democratic […]

When Opportunity Knocks, Get The Door

Burgerville’s customers are hooked on the regional chain’s veggie burger. When Kellogg’s, which owns Gardenburger, issued a voluntary recall, Burgerville customers were bumming. But thanks to the ingenuity of Chez Gourmet, a small Oregon-based outfit that went from making 3,000 veggie patties a week to producing over ten times that amount, things in Veggie Burgerville […]

The Army Learns How To Shop Its Brand

Given that the Bush/Cheney administration abused the military and the nation’s trust by leading us into war on false pretenses, recruiting young men and women to serve in the armed services is a tough chore today. Which is why the Army is busy developing new marketing weapons. According to Adweek, the Army is spending $12 […]

Revolution Number 9

As someone with experience in point-of-sale advertising, I’ve said for years that POS can be dramatically improved. Yet, that’s not all that can be upgradedā€”the retail interaction itself can also benefit from new thinking. According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, Coca-Cola is working on a proprietary fountain system that can dispense more than 100 beverages from […]

Blog Me In St. Louis

Just discovered AdSaint: The St. Louis Ad, Marketing and PR blog. It’s published by Walt Jaschek, the Owner & CD of Walt Now Advertising and Branding. A good resource for anyone interested in the ad scene out in the Gateway City.

Old Man Shakes Some Salt

One Size Fits One blogger, Anjali Ramachandran, spoke to AdScam’s George Parker and kept from laughing long enough to write some of it down. Here are the parts I like best: Q. Given that you’ve spent over 30 years in ad land, do you think the BDA’s have any hidden nuggets of gold up their […]

Will Tweet for Greenbacks

First there was a Tweet. And thanks to it, we now have a Cherp, an agency that proposes to manage social media campaigns on Twitter. Chris Brogan, for one, “is all for nifty social media projects,” but this one has him wondering. The first person to comment on his post also wonders why you’d ever […]

Daddy’s Credit Card Accepted Here

Roughly 18.3 million students will enroll in U.S. postsecondary institutions this fall, up 26% from 14.5 million a decade ago. The discretionary spending of these 18- to 30-year-old students is estimated to reach $53 billion this year, a fact which is leading several aggressive retailers to establish pop-up retail locations on college campuses. According to […]