Old Man Shakes Some Salt

One Size Fits One blogger, Anjali Ramachandran, spoke to AdScam’s George Parker and kept from laughing long enough to write some of it down.
Here are the parts I like best:

Q. Given that you’ve spent over 30 years in ad land, do you think the BDA’s have any hidden nuggets of gold up their sleeves at all? In other words, are there any lessons to be learnt from them?
A. The number one lesson is don’t sell yourself to a conglomerate. Eventually you will be fucked, and turn into a BDA. That’s why Wieden continues to prosper and do good work. The only one who has got away with it so far is Goodby. ‘Cos Jeff and Rich have got Omnicom to trust them enough to leave them alone.
Q. Which country or region has the best body of advertising work you’ve come across so far? Name some of these campaigns, and tell us what other countries/regions can learn from them.
A. Some of the best work that’s ever run has come out of Sweden… Also Stockholm has the ultimate Ad Wankers hang out. The Café Opera Bar… Which is chock full of seven foot tall, blonde women, who if they like you, will buy you a drink. What the fuck is wrong with that? For the best work that’s never run… Brazil. You can see it every year at Cannes… Fucking douchenozzles!



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