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Viewers Not Watching Ads? Make the “Ads” Better.

According to The New York Times, MTV is having a lot of success with “podbusting,” sponsored content that is almost indistinguishable from the entertainment programming. “The results are amazing,” Hank Close, the president for sales at MTV Networks, said. “In many of these messages we’re seeing 100 percent retention.” “We are increasingly being asked by […]

Fake Ads That Really Matter

Over at, you can dive into The 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of All Time. Granted, most of them are from Saturday Night Live, but there are some others, too. What’s your favorite?

Yet Another Facebook Story: Sell Now Before The Game’s Up

Earlier today, Valleywag reported that participation in Facebook’s developer forum is down, most likely due to Facebook’s new restrictions on Facebook-application spam. Valleywag praised these new rules, saying Facebook won’t miss its lousiest apps. Now an executive from a major, well-funded widgetmaker says: Your post misses the point. FB’s valuation is driven by the perception […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 10th in a Series

Sean Howard, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Lift Communications, a brand experience studio in Toronto, Canada, has an interesting new mantra for his personal site, Craphammer. I am not for sale. Is not everything for sale? Does not everyone have their price? I have a job yet no company owns my soul. I am […]

Today In Twitterverse: Toxic, Toxic and Toxic

David Burn is the editor of AdPulp, and a writer with a plethora of caustic tales to tell.

Super Blue To The Rescue

Adam Werbach is the global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S. He formerly served as national president of the Sierra Club. Here are some words he wrote for Ad Age: Consumers are resisting the proliferation of “green” communications and products being pushed at them from all directions. The recent Cone/Boston College survey showed that more […]

Citi’s Looking for a Revival

According to The Wall Street Journal, Publicis reached into the archives for Citigroup. Beginning this weekend, Citigroup will kick off a global ad campaign that reprises the tagline “The Citi Never Sleeps,” which made its debut in 1978. In digging into its marketing vault, Citi is engaging in the popular ad strategy of using a […]

Webby Awards Emerging With The Industry

Winners in The 12th annual Webby Awards competition have been determined. With nearly 70 categories, Web Site entries make up the majority of Webby Awards Winners, Nominees and Honorees. According to the Webby Awards, “Some are beautiful to look at and interact with. Others are a testament to usability and functionality. And a handful excel […]