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Sampling Is A Tactic Brands Can Sink Their Teeth Into

Honest Tea is a product you might like, if you try it. To that end, the brand seeks to provide 2 million free samples this summer, according to Ad Age. “How many messages are people hit with every day?” asked Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea, which is 40%-owned by Coca-Cola. “It’s the quality of […]

The Kings’ Ransom

I’ve always argued that the great majority of agency personnel who add value to America’s biggest brands are grossly underpaid. The thought is that the copywriter, art director or account person who consistently delivers million dollar ideas to the brand(s) in their care, rarely sees that fact alter their own compensation in proportional ways. Of […]

Serving Customers In An Interconnected World

Brian Morrissey of Adweek is writing about Web 2.0 companies that are built on customer-centric models. He names Zappos, Etsy, Threadless, Craigslist and Yelp as leading examples and gives his piece depth by describing the lengths Zappos goes to engage with customers. But there’s something else in the article that I’m attracted to. Google’s home […]

Ideas Are Infinite

Sally Hogshead writing in Ad Age says “there’s no such thing as the idea.” If you can break out of the mind-set that you have to create that one almighty concept, you can stay more open to client feedback, integrate other media platforms and forage outside of your comfort zone for creative thinking. This is […]

Content-Creator Buys Sunday Night Block

Media Rights Capitol, a content company backed by WPP, Goldman Sachs and AT&T has purchased the Sunday night slot from ailing CW network, which is jointly owned by CBS Corp. and Time Warner. The Wall Street Journal says, it’s “unusual” to sell a stake in a block of prime-time programming to an outside entity. Prime-time […]

Idealism Is Not A Bad Word

I like the idea of a Humanitarian Lion, and I know many ad people want to do meaningful work, if only to wipe away the stench. What say you, would you, or the agency you work for, take part in something like this? Would your clients?

Better Mobile Data Needed To Secure More Mobile Ad Dollars

Marketing via cellphones is forecast to be one of the next hot trends, but many advertisers are still hesitant to empty their pockets on mobile-ad campaigns. One reason: There isn’t yet a reliable source of data that show what Web sites and features consumers are accessing on their mobile devices. Measurement firms such as Nielsen […]

Kardashian’s Turn To Help The Burmese

Myanmar, the nation formerly known as Burma, is in the news this week, as its military regime has seized United Nations food shipments in the wake of the devastating typhoon that has killed thousands of the nation’s citizens. Fanista–a community for entertainment enthusiasts–is running a 30-day campaign, Burma: It Cant Wait, with the hope of […]