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Naked Revealed In Times

Louise Story of The New York Times takes the robe off Naked, the communications planning agency with offices in London and New York. Here’s a bit about how the firm is structured and the role they play in clients’ lives: Unlike many ad agencies, Naked does not create ads or purchase the space for them […]

Real Insight That Builds A Business Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Matthew Milan, Director of Insight and Planning at Critical Mass, is sharing slides. | View | Upload your own On page eight of this deck, there’s a nice quote from Ron Johnson of Apple. He says, “Design works if its authentic, inspired and has a clear point of view. It can’t be a collection of […]

What Do You Do For A Living? I Create Cultural Movements.

Scott Goodson, Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of StrawberryFrog, is not content making ads. Far from it. For Goodson and his fellow amphibians, it’s all about inspiring “Cultural Movements.” Cultural Movements is the StrawberryFrog way. It is our process to come up with innovative strategies for our clients. Cultural Movements is the StrawberryFrog competitive […]

Branded Content, aka Advertainment. What’s Your Policy?

“Transit,” a short film by Steph Green The Responsibility Project from Liberty Mutual is a microsite that builds on the brand’s “Resonsibility. What’s Your Policy?” ad campaign. Here’s how the brand describes it: It all began when we ran a TV commercial about people doing things for strangers. The response was truly overwhelming. Thousands of […]

Warhol’s “32 Campbell Soup Cans” Not Ads. These Aren’t Either.

Chicago artist Pamela Michelle Johnson likes to paint still lifes of food items on large canvases. From her artist statement: In the American Still-Life series, Johnson takes on another fixture of contemporary American life, and does so with no apologies. When confronted with a six-foot tall canvas of enormous and precariously balanced hamburgers, waffles, doughnuts, […]

Today In Twitterverse: Everything’s Coming Up Sixes

Paul Ford is the author of Gary Benchley, Rock Star, a novel that was originally serialized on The Morning News, where he’s a contributing writer. He is also an editor at Harper’s Magazine, an occasional commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered, and sole proprietor of He also writes Twitter posts of exactly six words […]

The Octopus’s Media Garden

Perez Hilton is taking over. His site drew 2.8 million unique visitors in February, according to comScore Inc., making it the ninth-most popular entertainment-news site in the U.S. According to The Wall Street Journal, the ubiquitous purveyor of celebrity gossip on the Internet, is now expanding his empire to the airwaves. Starting May 5, the […]

This Surf Report Brought To You by Quicksilver/Roxy

The 30-second spot might be out of vogue at the moment, but that’s not a concern when you work on a brand that’s deep into lifestyle marketing. When you’re on a brand like that, you can make an entire film. Without leaving the ad biz for Hollywood. Fresh Creation points to one such film from […]