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Is A Fake Ad That Calls Itself Out, Still A Fake? Put Another Way, Is It A One Show Winner?

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Embody Fearlessness

Steffan Postaer has been warming up on his blog, Gods of Advertising, for the past few months. Today he put hot iron to flesh in a post about fear. By definition the creative process is fearless. Scared people don’t make anything well except walls and weapons. Humphry Davy and Thomas Edison did not invent the […]

Finding Art In A Common Retail Practice

There are a multitude of ways to resist modern corporate culture. One can turn the TV off, walk to work or live off the grid. If one is an artist, there are even more options. Chris Held is an artist. Today’s highly refined marketing machine appeals to our personal hopes, wants, needs, and dreams to […]

Buying Ads On Yelp Is The Thing To Do

Sarah Lacy, the BusinessWeek writer who caused a melee at South By last month, turns her attention from Facebook to Yelp for the moment. Yelp’s real Web 2.0 bragging right is its business model. Unlike many companies in its peer group, Yelp provides a compelling advertising platform. People go there intending to make a transaction—say, […]

Listening Skills New Requirement For Brands

According to Adweek, Chrysler is introducing a new customer-centric corporate tagline: “If you can dream it, we can build it.” The campaign addresses topics, such as quality, fuel economy and safety. One print ad asks, “What exactly are the qualities of quality?” and features a lengthy essay on the topic that talks about “putting the […]

Your Mobile Is A Barcode Reader

American mobile marketing firms are looking to Asia and Europe for inspiration. They may have found it in QR codes, as mobile ticketing, payment, ID verification and other location-based uses are being invented for this technology. But are the funny looking barcodes catching on in this country? The New York Times says no, not yet. […]

How To Be Creative On Shelf In ’09

Copywriter, blogger, cartoonist and marketing consultant, Hugh MacLeod, has a book deal. His online manifesto, “How To Be Creative,” has been picked up by Portfolio Books. I am happy to report that I have just signed a book contract with Portfolio Books [a Penguin imprint] to develop it into a book. Portfolio, by the way, […]

Nice Concept: Sustainable Innovation

Research in Motion founder Mike Lazaridis spoke to BusinesWeek about innovation, management theory and other hot topics of the business day. Here’s a small part of what he has to say: If you really want to build something sustainable and innovative you have to invest in R&D. If you build the right culture and invest […]