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Here’s A Shocker: Folks Are Wary Of Targeted Online Ads

From Wired News: Targeted ads might be a brass ring for the online marketers, but consumers just aren’t buying it. According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 59 percent of Americans take exception to Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo tracking their online activities for marketing purposes. The nationwide survey was conducted with the help of Dr. […]

Ad Guy Gets Into Editorial Business

John Rash, Campbell-Mithun’s senior vice president and director of media negotiations, will be taking on a new role starting next week. He will be joining the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s editorial board. According to nonprofit journalism enterprise, MinnPost, Rash teaches classes at University of Minnesota, has a radio show on WCCO-AM and writes for Ad Age and […]


Über stay at home mommy blogger, Heather Armstong, a.k.a. “Dooce,” is often profiled in MSM. Today, it’s Career Journal’s turn to mine for material. Here’s what I learned this time: Shani Higgins, Technorati’s vice president of business development, estimates could yield as much as $40,000 a month in ad revenue from companies coveting her […]

Mod Digs

According to Ernie Schenck, Hill Holliday is settling into its new offices at 53 State St, Boston, MA 02109, USA.

Barackary Clintama

Are you hoping to see Obama and Clinton run together to beat back the Republican machine? If so, here’s what such a move might look like. The image is actually an ad for Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, which claims to be a college and university in one. Clearly, they teach Advanced Photoshop there. [via Copyranter]

Same Idea, Different Word

Online, it’s all about community. Building community, embracing community, listening to the community. According to USA TODAY, offline marketing is more about “the neighborhood.” Many Starbucks stores now boast that they have the best espresso “in the neighborhood.” Applebee’s has a new slogan: “It’s a whole new neighborhood.” Wal-Mart’s smaller-scale suburban stores call themselves Wal-Mart […]

Rupe And Balmer Sharpen Their Google Darts

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is in talks with Microsoft about joining in its contested bid for Yahoo, a move that could result in the union of Yahoo, Microsoft’s MSN and News Corporation’s MySpace. The New York Times calls the three-headed beast “a behemoth that would upend the Internet landscape.”

State Assemblyman Armed With Slingshot Aims At Tech Giants

A trade group representing several large Internet companies sent a letter detailing “strong opposition” to a New York state bill that would limit the companies’ ability to collect information for targeted advertising. “[The bill] is unnecessary, most likely unconstitutional, and would have profound implications for the future of Internet advertising and the availability of free […]