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Going Mobile

According to two articles on the front page of, there are signs that mobile ad technology is finally catching up to its amazing promise. The primary example they’re working from: Last month, mobile social network Loopt announced one of the first major location-based marketing experiments, with CBS. The plan aims to use the mobile […]

Goodby Celebrates 25 Very Long Years In Advertising

This is funny. And it reminded me of this John Belushi clip:


Print-ad revenue at U.S. newspapers last year suffered its biggest decline since at least 1950, the Newspaper Association of America reported. Print-ad revenue plummeted 9.4% to $42 billion in 2007. Classified ads, which account for a third of the total, were hit especially hard, down almost 17%. The NAA’s estimate showed that while newspapers’ online-ad […]

Dubious Claim Du Jour

Eat more food to become skinny. Or, shop Wal-Mart and save your family $2500 annually. It’s a claim the Arkansas-based retailer has been making in its ads. According to The New York Times the claim dates to 2005, when Wal-Mart, under mounting criticism from unions and elected leaders over its business practices, commissioned a study […]

It's The Economist, Stupid

In a market dominated by women’s lifestyle titles, The Economist, with a circulation of 720,882 and 24% ad revenue growth in 2007, has the No.1 spot on AdweekMedia’s annual “Hot List.” The Economist earns dual honors this year as publisher Paul Rossi and editor John Micklethwait take home the “Executive Team of the Year” award. […]

Google Goes Dark

Google, a company which vows to do no evil, tonight “went dark” to support World Wildlife Fund’s “Earth Hour.”

Intent To Purchase (American)

This Cadillac CTS spot has been on air for a number of months, and while I should be immune to this pitch, I have to admit it’s working on me. Let me just say this, a Caddy has never before been a car I would consider buying. That’s clearly changing and not just because I’m […]

Print, Take A Well Deserved Bow

Newspapers might be struggling, but print, particularly when it’s glossy and bound, is still a desired, trusted source for information. According to Ad Age, new research by MediaVest suggests that readers trust print more than the web in almost every area. Print’s fashion and beauty coverage took the trust prize by the widest margin, outstripping […]