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Jack’s Secret Weapon

LA Times features Santa Monica agency, Secret Weapon, today. It seems the SW principals took VW’s sage advice to “Think Small” to heart. The independent Secret Weapon, with 25 employees, has by design at most three clients at any given time. “I have friends who run big agencies, with 20 clients, and there’s always a […]

Lipitor Ads Go Under The Microscope

If you’re old enough to remember the early 80’s, then you may recall that Dr. Robert Jarvik’s artificial heart was a really revolutionary invention. But Jarvik is now under fire for his ads promoting Lipitor. One ad features him rowing. Only it’s not him. It’s a body double. As The New York Times reports: The […]

Denver Shops Find Their Blogging Groove

When I worked at The Integer Group, I launched KTIG, a now defunct internet radio station. I also helped launch an internal wiki for teams working on the Coors business. But blogs were still new to me back then. Today, following a bunch of links from The Denver Egotist, I landed on Shopper Culture, an […]

Today In Twitterverse: MySpace on the Chumby

Eric Rice is a Silicon Valley based artist and designer. The chumby is a compact device that displays useful and entertaining information from the web using your wireless internet connection.

Yet Another Facebook Story: iPhone Edition

Until I saw it on TV last night, I didn’t know there was an iPhone specific version of Facebook. But there is and Apple wants the MyFaceSpacers to know about it.

Garbage Men Clean Up

Waste Management. Quick. Do you think Tony Soprano? Or do you think green pioneer? The New York Times has the story… “We want all people to think of Waste Management as an environmental services company, not just one that picks up trash,” said Brooke B. Farrell, a vice president of FKM, Waste Management’s longtime advertising […]

Like Advertising, But With Less Job Security

That every copywriter has a screenplay in her desk is a tired, old cliché. If you’re one of those copywriters, or would like to be one, consider this insightful Adopt A Writer interview with Nina Bargiel, a Guild member with 17 episodes of Lizzie McGuire to her credit. Q. What do you think would surprise […]

L.L. Bean Hires New Consultant To Find New Agency

Man, it’s deja vu all over again. From Adweek: L.L. Bean has placed creative chores on its ad account into review, a company representative confirmed. Consulting firm Select Resources International, Santa Monica, Calif., will help conduct the search for the Maine-based retailer, sources said. Our friend Dean Gemmell at BlackLabFive, relating a conversation he had […]