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David Esrati Will Not Stay Quiet

Running for office in Ohio’s 3rd Congressional Distict, ad agency owner David Esrati is trying to get the word out about his campaign. He’s running against the Republican incumbent Mike Turner, who used to be the mayor of Dayton. And that’s what makes the spot below so interesting: When Mike Turner was Mayor, he had […]

Home of Lawyers, Guns and Money

Steven Dubner, author of Freakonomics, is encouraging people to write new six-word mottos for the United States of America. Here are some of the results: A Billion Dollars Makes You President Hubris: it’s not just for Greeks! All your oil belong to us Intelligently designed to constantly evolve Totally oblivious to our own failure I […]

Newsweek Needs Our Help

According to The New York Observer, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham speaking to an audience of about 100 graduate students at Columbia journalism school said, “Look, I need you. I’ve got people out there risking their lives right now.” “It’s an incredible frustration that I’ve got some of the most decent, hard-working, honest, passionate, straight-shooting, non-ideological […]

IPG Invests In Urban Advertainers

Steve Stoute is is an American record executive, most famous for being rapper Nas’s off-and-on manager since 1995. Stoute is also the founder of Translation Marketing, a company that matches pop-star spokespersons with corporations that want to promote their brands. He has worked to pair Gwen Stefani with Hewlett-Packard, Justin Timberlake with McDonald’s, Beyoncé Knowles […]

Let’s Have TXT

TRAINED PROFESSIONALS ARE AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU PRACTICE YOUR SEXY TXTING SKILLS. McKinney’s new Valentine’s Day campaign for Virgin Mobile encourages one to talk dirty to real live human beings posing as sexy secretaries, housewives, cowboys, firemen, etc. They’re positioning it as a “sexy alternative to the real thing.” And as a precursor to one’s […]

Once In A Lifetime

Katharine Weymouth, a granddaughter of the late Washington Post Co. chairman Katharine Graham and niece of Tina Weymouth, the bass guitarist in the new wave band Talking Heads, has been named chief executive of Washington Post Media, a new division that will oversee The Washington Post newspaper and its online component, Weymouth, 41, will […]

The Garfield Brouhaha

Bob Garfield of Ad Age didn’t like reading about how his Super Bowl ad commentary was framed as “retarded” on the interweb’s most popular ad blog. So he did what any good citizen of Media 2.0 does—engage. Here’s the difference between criticism and whatever it is you and your commenters do: A critic makes judgments […]

HOW Redesign Vs. Adweek Redesign

Catharine P. Taylor wants to know what we think of the new Adweek site design. I’m thinking it might be instructive to compare their remodel to HOW’s new upgrade. In other trade rag news, something funny’s happening in the comments on Brand Autopsy’s “Would You Miss Advertising Age?” post.