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Reality’s Place in Marketing

The New York Times is looking at the rise of “off-air reporters” armed with video cams on the campaign trail. Originally hired to cut expenses — their cost is a fraction of a full television crew’s — these reporters, also called “embeds,” have produced a staggering amount of content, especially video. And in this election […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave

According to The New York Times, the Facebook group “How to permanently delete your facebook account” has almost 4,300 members and is steadily growing. “It’s like the Hotel California,” said Nipon Das, 34, a director at a biotechnology consulting firm in Manhattan, who tried unsuccessfully to delete his account this fall. “You can check out […]

Suttonistic Thinking

Cherryflava points to a story in Architectural Record about design firms working to foster a culture of innovation. Hire naive misfits who argue with you; encourage failure; avoid letting client input limit your vision; and fully commit to risky ventures. This is an extreme approach to fostering innovation in an otherwise relatively static office environment […]

Yahoo! Resists Redmond’s Overtures

The Wall Street Journal was working late last night, as they posted a short but important business story at 2:29 a.m. Yahoo Inc.’s board plans to reject Microsoft Corp.’s unsolicited $44.6 billion offer to acquire the Web giant, a person familiar with the situation says. After a series of meetings over the past week, Yahoo’s […]

What You Need You Have To Borrow

If you’re currently growing up in New York City, you can get a big head start on a career in advertising. In the mold of Fiorello H. La Guardia High School of Music and the Arts, starting next fall there will be a new public high school in Brooklyn for those interested in pursuing careers […]

Dream of Californication

Hugh MacLeod, who occasionally consults for Microsoft, has some interesting thoughts on their pursuit of Yahoo. The thing that might save MSFT long-term is a massive infusion of Silicon Valley DNA. That’s why I think they’re offering Yahoo the $40billion. All companies, no matter what the size, have a their own, unique cocktail of four […]

Downtime Ahead

We have some server maintenance going on in the overnight hours tonight. will likely be out of service for a few hours during this time.

Out of Home Weds Event Marketing. Toyota RAV4 Presiding.

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