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Marketing Dollars Migrate To Strange New Places

I like Tom Asacker’s writing so much I asked him to be part of the team here. But even that’s not enough Tom Asacker. For more we turn to a comment string on Brand Autopsy. …there are many companies in the CPG industry who are indeed dabbling in the social media space, as well as […]

Hot Or Not Sold

According to TechCrunch, the novelty site turned dating community HotorNot has been acquired by Avid Life Media for a sum rumored to be in the neighborhood of $20 million. Not bad for the owners, James Hong and Jim Young, who started the thing seven years ago on a whim, sans ambition or vision. TechCrunch reports […]

Hell Hath Frozen Over: Brand Guy Sings Promos’ Praises

Roy Sutherland of Ogilvy suggests something one doesn’t see every day: LET’S PUT SALES PROMOTION AT THE HEART OF THE AGENCY Sutherland points out that our focus on brand building has a wicked aftertaste and argues that brand building ideas are not the same as behavior changing ideas. And the job of an agency is […]

Dan Just Does It

CNBC’s hour-long documentary on Nike debuts on the business news channel tomorrow night. [via Paul Isakson]

All Bow To Mighty Data

When Ad Age runs a headline like this: DraftFCB Bolsters Analytics Practice there shouldn’t be anything funny about it. After all, clients demand ROI and if agencies can provide it, more power to them. But one half of DraftFCB used to be able to sell ideas that a CMO didn’t need a computer print out […]

Advice For Clients

I’m a big fan of Steve McKee’s articles in BusinessWeek, but I often wonder if anyone takes his advice to heart. His new one is called “Get the Most Out of Your Ad Agency” and it’s full of tips for small business owners who work with agencies. Here’s one tip: Value risk. For advertising to […]

A Soc Full of Nets

After signing up for CityTrex, Dopplr and GoodReads this weekend (and sprucing up my page), I have to ask, how many freaking soc nets can one person join before the utility wears off? Despite the clear value in each individual offering, there has to be a limit, right? Of course, it’s a big part […]

Polaroid Slides Down Far Side of Bell Curve

Newspapers and record companies are experiencing the awesome power of disruptive technology, but not like Polaroid. image courtesy of Look Closer According to The Boston Globe, Polaroid plans to make only enough film to last into next year before shuttering its factories. Polaroid chief operating officer Tom Beaudoin said the company is interested in licensing […]