Archives for February 2008

Be Through With Chew

Since it’s inception in 1998, Denver’s Sukle has been pumping out great work. Here’s some of their new stuff for Wyoming’s anti-tobacco Quit Net.

Chasing A Moving Target

If you watched any of last night’s election coverage, you’ve probably figured out that voters are completely unpredictable. And beyond that, this year the conventional wisdom regarding race, gender, age, and religion just can’t be applied to this election cycle. Since voters are consumers, and ad agencies are in the business of trying to figure […]

A Call for Curators

Steve Rubel calls content a commodity and says the “Attention Crash” is real and that it’s only going to get worse. Of course, he wouldn’t say those things without offering a remedy. Enter the Digital Curator. Information overload makes it difficult to separate junk from art. It requires a certain finesse and expertise – a […]

Naked Gets Dressed

Thanks to an infusion of cash from an Australian holding company, Faris Yakob and his associates at Naked can now buy Bespoke suits, should the fancy strike them. Ad Age has the story… U.K. planning agency Naked Communications has been acquired by Australian holding company Photon Group in a deal that includes an upfront payment […]

Advertisers Are Attaching to Content Sent By Email

Advertisers are reaching a coveted demographic via lifestyle ‘zines with opt-in email newsletters, according to LA Times. The median household income of Thrillist subscribers, for instance, is $107,000, dwarfing Sports Illustrated’s median of $63,605 and Maxim’s of $65,710. “Magazines like Stuff and Cargo have been going under, and we’ve been taking their place in the […]

Crispin On The Other Side of Camera

Creativity takes us on a video tour of CP+B’s Integrated Production department. While the piece does appear to be more pr than journalism, if you put that aside there is some learning here for people interested in the organizational challenges presented by online media. [via Agency Spy]

Be The Network

I’ve mentioned before how well Scott Karp wraps his mind around the big media topics of our day. He does it again as he considers the MicroHoo! marriage. The main problem with Microsoft and Yahoo, looking forward, is that they are not web-native companies — they rely on centralized control models, rather than distributed network […]

Tide To Go Keeps It Going Online neatly extends P&G’s Super Bowl spot. You can download a buddy icon, win a prize, revisit the commercial or, wait for it…enter a make your own Talking Stain spoof spot.