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Wasted Energy Is Wasted Money

Wal-Mart is the brand urban hipsters love to mock. But what to make of the company’s far-reaching environmental initiatives? They’re hard to argue with and might even persuade anti-Wal-Mart consumers to reconsider their super-store preferences. Don Moseley, director of sustainable facilities for Wal-Mart, inside the new energy efficient pump house. According to the Chicago Tribune, […]

Chitown Still A Bit Chilly

Sun Times ad columnist, Lewis Lazare, takes the temperature of the Chicago ad scene. He says the “business stabilized last year, after a couple of truly traumatic years.” He also says Draft/FCB isn’t asserting itself and he wonders if it ever will. Here’s his take on JWT: JWT/Chicago is perhaps the biggest mystery. It nearly […]

ROI Or Else

Ad Age is looking at agency business growth from an employment perspective. Meanwhile, Adweek is reporting that Chief Marketing Officers have a bug up their asses. Get ready to defend. In the coming year, nearly half of marketers plan to fire at least one of their agencies and change direction, according to the second annual […]

Reverse Graffiti Used To Reverse Homelessness

Another graffiti campaign to show how “street” the brand is, is not needed. But Crisis, a London outfit that helps the homeless and really is of the street has put a spin on street art, and with help from Rapp Collins/London have come up with an innovative way to advertise their cause. Crisis estimates there […]

Thin Is In

Today at MacWord, Apple introduced the world’s thinnest notebook: MacBook Air. It measures an unprecedented 0.16 inches at its thinnest point while its maximum height of 0.76 inches is less than the thinnest point on competing notebooks. Here’s a more detailed report, or if you prefer some tweets from fakesteve. [UPDATE] Emily Chang won’t be […]

Rabbits Uncaged

Ed Cotton of Butler Shine & Stern wonders aloud how well equipped clients are to forge ahead in today’s decentralized media sphere. Marketing departments need fundamentally new skill sets, new positions/job titles and they are also going to need some smart technology to assist them. Given how little bandwidth most departments have these days, it’s […]

Higher Prices Make Wine Lovers Swoon

We’ve seen how many premium brands fool customers into thinking a product is of a higher quality when in reality, it may not be the case. So check out this study as reported on Volunteers in California who were given sips of wines with fake prices said they preferred the cabernets they thought were […]

Networks Are Ecosystems

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