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According to Media Daily News, Zinio LLC, a digital publishing and distribution platform for magazines and books, has introduced a Zinio Mobile Newsstand for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Touting Apple’s devices as a natural connection to print, CEO Rich Maggiotto said users will “benefit from having their magazines in a high-fidelity, portable format that […]

We’re A Sensitive Lot

This dude is so over it. I fucking hate it when people say, “That ad had a brilliant idea in it.” Penicillin was a good idea. Not Sony balls.

Media Planning More Complex/Important Than Ever

Speaking at Futures of Entertainmet 2 in Cambridge on Saturday, Baba Shetty, who has worked for BMW and Fallon, said one of the things that attracted him to Hill Holliday is the fact that the agency never outsourced their media department, like so many others in search of scale. According to Adweek, another prominent ad […]

Hey Whipple, Rest In Peace

From USA Today: Dick Wilson, the character actor and pitchman who for 21 years played an uptight grocer begging customers “Please, don’t squeeze the Charmin,” died Monday. He was 91. 21 years? Can you imagine any ad campaign being concepted today that would run for 21 years? Most of ’em these days are lucky to […]

Hollywood Bigs “Air” Their Show On MySpace As A Prelude To Being Picked Up By A Network (And It Works)

According to Rafat Ali, ”Quarterlife,” the online-only show which debuted on MySpaceTV earlier this month, has been picked up by NBC Universal, making the program among the first to originate online and then move to a major U.S. broadcaster. The show was created by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, creators of “thirtysomething” and “My So-Called […]

Put Your Copywriters To Work

I like that Jonah Bloom of Ad Age doesn’t like how casual agencies and brands are about their naming schemes these days. This week, Publicis’ shops Starcom, Leo Burnett and Digitas announced they were collaborating on a new agency that will go by the name … Insight Factory. Sounds sort of familiar? Maybe you live […]

TV Spending Fails To Address The Truth About The Product

Consumers are trending toward craft beers and the nation’s laregst brewer (who doesn’t make craft beers) is going to spend more money on TV in order to “educate” consumers about their brewing process, ingredient sourcing and history. In other words, A-B will try to sway beer drinkers from Sam Adams and the like to Michelob […] Open For Business

According to The New York Times, brands are moving boldly into the media business, and are even willing to accept advertising on their content rich sites from competitive products. NBC Universal and Procter & Gamble have set up a pet-focussed Web portal that looks something like a Yahoo or AOL for pet owners, with a […]