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Giving Thanks, Courtesy Of Emmanuel

Like a lot of people, I take being an American for granted. We’ve got our share of problems here, but for some people it’s still a land of opportunity that they’re grateful for. I learned that once again last week, when I shot and edited a video on behalf of Refguee Resettlement and Immigration Services […]

Soul Searching Gets No Respect At Ad Age

Ad Age is treating GSD&M CEO, Roy Spence, unkindly. Exhibit A, this headline: The trade mag feels that Spence’s walkabout at a time of massive layoffs at the agency is “a publicity stunt whose timing couldn’t be worse and whose true purpose was never really clear.” What’s the deal? A man can’t walk?

Brand Narratives Will Benefit from Transmedia Storytelling

CAMBRIDGE—The final session at Futures of Entertainment 2 is called “Cult Media” and it features four entertainment makers, including Jesse Alexander, co-executive producer and writer on NBC epic saga, Heroes. Henry Jenkins, co-founder of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program is moderating the panel, members of which are batting the term “transmedia storytelling” around like a […]

Dan Wieden Talks Howard Schultz Into Running National TV

“By its very nature, national advertising fuels fears about ubiquity,” Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO said over a decade ago. With Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds competing for his customers, Mr. Schultz is singing a new tune. One he learned from Dan Wieden. “We need to recognize that the category is evolving,” Mr. Schultz told analysts on […]

Really Smart People at MIT Actually Study Advertising. Weird, Huh?

CAMBRIDGE—Saturday morning’s opening panel at Futures of Entertainment 2 is wholly academic. Sam Ford, the moderator of this panel and one of the organizers of the conference says he found it interesting how one half of the participants here today come from the academy and the other half from industry. He also says many of […]

Drawing Parallels Between The WGA Strike And Agency Woes

The Writers Guild strike is basically a debate about how creative types can (or can’t) make money in the new media era, where content is everywhere. In my new column for Talent Zoo, I take a look at agency compensation and the fact we’re all feeling pinched these days. Since there’s no legitimate quantifiable method […]

Futures of Entertainment 2: Content for and from Portable Multi-Platform Network Devices

CAMBRIDGE—It’s 10:00 am and already the man in suspenders has captivated his audience. But another star is now shining bright. Marc Davis, Social Media Guru at Yahoo and a graduate of the Media Studies program at MIT, is talking about mobile media in a panel on the topic at this, the second annual Futures of […]

Writing Their Way Out of the Problem

You’d think the WGA–with a membership of thousands of entertainment writers–would muster a creative approach to garner support for their cause. And they have. No word from the producers and studios yet. My guess is they’re puzzling over the script.