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Iowa Journalists Delve Into Marketing Services Business

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) looks at one prominent media company’s scramble to become a player in marketing services. Meredith Corp., whose magazine titles include Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle and Ladies’ Home Journal, is spending an undisclosed sum to acquire Los Angeles-based digital-ad agency Genex and Arlington, Va., word-of-mouth-marketing firm New […]

P&G Asks Women What They Want

Today, P&G launched, an online community for women. This is P&G’s first stab at consumer-generated content in the digital space. Here’s what they’re saying, as quoted in Businessweek: “This is not about selling products. It’s about better understanding of consumers and learning about their needs and habits,” said P&G spokeswoman Robyn Schroeder. “The more […]

Class In Pocket

Engadget is all over the MacWorld story of the day/year–the June 2007 release of Apple’s new iPhone. As expected, it’s a beautifully designed device. It features a 3.5-inch screen, and the highest resolution screen Apple has ever shipped, 160ppi. Other features include a built in 2 megapixel camera, speaker, mic input, and an iPod connector. […]

The $10,000,000 Dollar Widget

David Utter, a staff writer for Web Pro News, looks at another Web 2.0 acquisition by Yahoo. Bix. Flickr. Delicious. Webjay. Konfabulator. Jumpcut. SearchFox. They all have something in common with MyBlogLog: a big check from Yahoo in exchange for the companies. MyBlogLog is a social network that lives on blogs, mostly. Many sites, […]

Realtors Ask Americans To Buy Real Estate

Market Watch reports on a professional association’s attempt to use millions of dollars in advertising expenditures to overcome prevailing economic trends. The National Association of Realtors is launching a $40 million advertising campaign to encourage Americans to buy houses amid the ongoing housing slump. The Realtors’ campaign includes $26 million in television advertising, about double […]

Counting Gators Before They Hatch

News Net 5 in Cleveland, Ohio reports on one retailer’s desire to capitalize on an Ohio State victory (that did not happen) in last night’s championship game. Macy’s made a losing bet on the Buckeyes and now has T-shirts that stores can’t sell, proclaiming Ohio State college football’s national champions. Three of the department stores […]

Gatorade Is For Winners

With all the brands desperate today to unleash a viral video on the Internets, I think it might be instructive to look at a brand that’s been viral offline for decades. No ad agency had anything to do with the creation or perpetuation of the Gatorade dunk. Maybe this should be the definition of what […]

A New Spoke On The Marketing Services Wheel

The Wall Street Journal is running a piece on BrightLine, a 15-person Manhattan firm that takes ideas for traditional ads and figures out how those concepts can function in venues such as video on demand and digital video recorders. Tweaking traditional ad ideas for on-demand services is a niche specialty, falling somewhere between traditional media […]