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Lowcountry Cat Fight

According to the Charleston Post and Courier, Augusta-based Morris Communications–the publisher of 27 daily newspapers, several lifestyle magazines, visitor magazines, books, outdoor boards and more–has gone to court to protect one of its brands. In a lawsuit filed this week, Morris Publishing Group alleges that Pink! “virtually mirrors, and in some cases, directly copies” their […]

Convergence Is Converging This Week

Between Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show, both going on this week, we’re going to see a lot of new gadgets, doodads, and gizmos that will combine the power of video with the Internet, along with the services that will sell them to consumers. Like this bit from Sony: Sony revealed Sunday a system that […]

Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates

Well, maybe not. Edward E. Whitacre Jr., former CEO of SBC Communications and now head of a newly super-sized AT&T, seems to have flip-flopped on the net neutrality issue. In 2005, he said Google and Yahoo were “nuts” for expecting free use of his company’s network to deliver their content. But now, according to the […]

Hugh Strikes Again

[UPDATE] AME Info looks at one such buzzword. “Engagement continues to be the hottest buzzword in advertising. Everyone wants a piece of it. Or better yet, to own it.”

Old Spice Looks For An Edge

Old school packaged goods company P&G is looking for a fresh approach and there are few better places to find it than in Northwest Portland. The New York Times interviewed the Wieden + Kennedy creative team behind the new Old Spice camapign. “Previous generations loved Old Spice and had a more emotional attachment to it,” […]

Hogshead’s Career On Roam

I swing by Sally Hogshead’s blog on occasion. She doesn’t post much, but when she does she lets it fly. Since May, I’ve been letting my career rove to and fro. Consciously, I chose to make no plans or goals, do no outreach or inquiry, and instead, simply respond to the clients and opportunities that […]

The People Win. Again.

First, Time made ‘You’ its “Person Of The Year.” Now, Ad Age has named ‘The Consumer’ Agency Of The Year. From the lead article: From an agency perspective, there are exactly three ways to look at the rise of consumer control. The first view is like something out of the Book of Revelation — all […]

Vloggin’ O Seven

Tom Asacker’s GuruBBQ is gaining traction. In his latest vlog episode, he makes 7 predictions for 2007. They are: A big slowdown in the growth of blogging Plaid is the new black A new medical conditions known as Wii. D.D. will arise TVs, computers, cell phones, cameras, radios, MP3 players, and vibrators will all converge […]