Lowcountry Cat Fight

According to the Charleston Post and Courier, Augusta-based Morris Communications–the publisher of 27 daily newspapers, several lifestyle magazines, visitor magazines, books, outdoor boards and more–has gone to court to protect one of its brands.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Morris Publishing Group alleges that Pink! “virtually mirrors, and in some cases, directly copies” their title Skirt!
The lawsuit alleges that the owner of Pink!, Hilton Head-based Millen Publishing Group, mimics many aspects of Skirt!, including its size, the kind of paper it is printed on, its style of artwork and its one-word title ending with an exclamation point.
Millen Publishing denied the allegations.

I can pick up both titles for free at various pizza joints, coffee shops, etc. No question, the two compete for the same advertising revenue and seek to deliver like-minded content to their readers. I don’t know about this lawsuit though. It seems like bullying from Morris (the firm with deeper pockets). Plus, what ever happened to besting an opponent on the playing field?



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