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OutEverything But OutStanding

I saw a Mitsubishi Outlander TV spot last night. It was a page torn directly from Nissan’s playbook. Sadly, I don’t see a version on YouTube yet. But the “Out Everything” camapign is clearly a derivative of Nissan’s type-driven “Shift” campaign. The Auto Channel describes it this way: The Out Everything campaign kicks off with […]

Parents Sue Starbucks Because Hot Chocolate Is Hot

It’s outrageous! Egregious! Ridiculous! From The Indianapolis Star: A Hancock County couple have filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, accusing a Fishers store of serving scalding hot chocolate that seriously burned their little girl. Michael and Alexis Brennan filed the suit Tuesday in Marion Superior Court on behalf of their daughter, Rachel. Rachel’s age is not […]


Looks like NBC wants to get into the admaking biz, too. From Businessweek: NBC Universal: ad agency. Or it will be, sort of. Its new digital czar, Beth Comstock, and her staffers are approaching key advertisers with a simple yet far-reaching proposition: Let our digital studios create some advertising for you. In other words, although […]

Jason Moves To Greener Pastures

TechCrunch and The New York Times are both reporting on Jason Calacanis’ resignation from AOL, the company that paid 25 mil. for his firm, Weblogs, Inc. Jason Calacanis, the outspoken blogger and entrepreneur who ran AOL’s Netscape division, resigned on Thursday in the wake of the firing of AOL’s chief executive, Jonathan Miller. Mr. Calacanis […]

The Columbus Dispatch Outsources Its Admaking To India

Holy smokes. Could this be the start of something big? From The Columbus Dispatch, reporting on itself: The Dispatch Printing Company has contracted with an Elgin, Ill., graphic-design company to create ads for The Dispatch’s advertising clients, allowing for greater efficiency and more rapid turnaround. About 90 positions will be eliminated as a result of […]

Cut The Crap

One of the nation’s top general interest bloggers, Jason Kottke, wants podcasters and video buffs to get to the point. Before YouTube and Google Video came along, video on the web often suffered from taking too many cues from the production values of traditional media. Even in the early days of YouTube, a typical video […]

Madscam: Long On Common Sense, Short On Cursing

I’ve been eager to get my hands on a copy of the always salty and entertaining George Parker’s (of Adscam and Adhurl fame) new book Madscam: Kick-Ass Advertising Without The Madison Avenue Price Tag. It arrived from Amazon yesterday, and while I haven’t read it cover to cover, I can give you a heads up […]

A Wild Ride From Chicago To Miami To Boulder And Back

Lewis Lazare does a good job of bringing a gossip columnist’s persepective to the ad biz. Today, he puts Scott Wild in his sights. He’s baaaaaaack!!!!! Yes, indeed. The (in)famous Scott Wild is headed back to Chicago this week. You might recall that some 18-months ago, Wild exited Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago and a comfy $250,000-plus salary, and […]