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Turning Cars Into Amps And Other Rabbit Tricks

When product design is a priority and a growth engine for a company, an advertiser’s job becomes a cakewalk, for the designs sell themselves. iPod is one such creation, so is the VW Bug. I get the feeling VW designers like to ask themselves, “What is a car?” Their answer is clearly, “More than a […]

Less Pulp? More Nutrients!

Amy Gahran writing on Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits provides some analysis of a recent Technorati report on bloggers influence or perceived authority. Technorati measures influence by counting inbound links to blogs. Technorati’s ranking mostly reflects popularity and the effects of posting frequency. In some cases these may correlate with influence or authority — but not always. […]

Two Top Execs Leave Deutsch. What’s The Big Idea?

From Adweek: Deutsch said it is parting ways with two of its longtime top executives: chief creative officer Kathy Delaney and director of account planning Jeffrey Wolf, who are leaving to “pursue other interests.” The New York agency is believed to be interviewing a shortlist of candidates to replace both executives. The moves come after […]

For Whom The Bridge Tolls

Ad Age is reporting that San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is looking for corporate sponsors to help subsidize the landmark’s $87 million deficit. Local ad luminaries don’t like the idea. Paul Venables says having the name of an out-of-town company on the bridge “would be horrible” and “make a mockery of our city.” Hal Riney […]

I’m Makku

Information Architects explains the cultural nuances native to Japan and how they influence the making of Apple’s “I’m a Mac” campaign. The ads are not as obvious as the western originals. In Japan you need to be more subtle. In Japan you’re considered particularly dumb and obnoxious if you’re caught bragging with your qualities, and […]

Hire An Eisner Refugee

Coming on the heels of Eisner Communications’ sudden shutdown, former Eisner Senior Interactive Developer Bob Berkebile has started The Voice of Eisner, a site where employers can post their job listings and Ex-Eisner folks can post their resumes. A very nice idea.

Bingaman’s Blues

Mississippi State professor Kate Bingaman takes a close look at her own consumption, placing herself in the middle of her criticism and her art. According to The New York Times Magazine, she does not see her work so much as a negative reaction to consumer culture as an attempt to cope with it on its […]

LL Bean Drops JWT, Turns Dean Gemmell Into A Prophet

From Adweek: JWT is splitting with L.L. Bean, 14 months after the WPP Group shop landed creative duties on the brand, the agency confirmed. JWT in New York produced one TV spot for the client but little else as the client spent less than expected, said sources. I distinctly recall how our friend Dean Gemmell […]