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Ad Guys In “Ill-Fitting Pixel Clothing” Busted By Second Lifer

UrizenusSklar at Second Life Herald is pissed that Madison Avenue interlopers are claiming firsts in Second Life, when in fact they are nowhere near first. It is a case of a bunch of desperate clueless fucktards trying to show how bleeding-edgy they are, and, given that SL is the bleeding-edgy flavor of the month, they […]


I’m not sure what they’re up to, but they’re up to something at The Ad Age Group. SPARK* is the fresh, new up-market resource for art directors to find photographers, illustrators and designers. This unique publication combines the imagery with the personality of each artist to give you greater insight into the artist’s mind and […]

Holy Shit, Those Damned Ad People Are At It Again

USA Today takes a look at the growing phenomenon of curse words and bleeping words in commercials, citing recent efforts by VW, Dodge and Comcast: Dodge: In a Caliber ad, a focus group of Muppet-like characters laments that the car does not make them “feel warm and fuzzy.” Most distressed is little Binky, who exclaims, […]

For Some, Junior High Never Ends

Agency websites tend to be pretty tame affairs, which is a sad commentary on how slow agencies can be on the uptake. Be that as it may, today I stumbled upon something I like on an agency web site–a positioning line delivered in an impactful way. Cramer-Krasselt is hanging their hat on the following sentiment: […]

Thumbs Of Fire

Barbara Ann Radnofsky is running for U.S. Senate in Texas. And she has something no other candidate can match–a book (about her campaign) written entirely on her Blackberry. Radnofsky claims she’s the fastest Blackberry typist in the West, and she proved it on ABC News, taking her challenger–ABC’s Mark Halperin–down hard. click to see the […]

Nike Ups Its Content Game

The New York Times looks at Nike’s effort to meet its consumers where they live. “We’re not afraid to try new things,” said Adam Roth, director for United States advertising at Nike in Beaverton, Ore. “We focus on flying out on the bleeding edge.” “Our marketing model is evolving pretty quickly,” Mr. Roth said. “It’s […]

Sir, May I?

Wired is running a Xeni Jardin piece on military blogs called, “Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs.” Milblogs offer one of the last direct witnesses to the Iraq war from the point of view of front line soldiers — a sharp reversal from three years ago, when the U.S.-led invasion was among the most closely-watched military […]

Will Diebold Live Up To Its Brand Standards Next Week?

Few things in marketing and advertising are as unintentionally hilarious as “brand standards manuals.” These are thick books that establish in minute detail how a brand’s image should be strictly conformed to, philosophically and graphically. Diebold makes ATMs. They also make electronic voting machines. The ATMs rarely screw up, at least not with my account. […]