Ad Guys In “Ill-Fitting Pixel Clothing” Busted By Second Lifer

UrizenusSklar at Second Life Herald is pissed that Madison Avenue interlopers are claiming firsts in Second Life, when in fact they are nowhere near first.

It is a case of a bunch of desperate clueless fucktards trying to show how bleeding-edgy they are, and, given that SL is the bleeding-edgy flavor of the month, they are wraping themselves in the Linden cape of bleeding-edginess. But they are being exposed as clueless frauds. If you are a corporation paying these people good money, get your money back now!, because they don’t know the first thing about this place and they are pissing people the fuck off. Whether they know anything about new media is another question, but I find it hard to imagine that they are anything more than old media dinosaurs wearing ill-fitting pixel clothing. The seams are showing. They don’t even know how to move their slide bars.

Ah, a well formed rant. It’s something I’ve gone for too long without.



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