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“My Life, My Card” Not Original Says Man Behind “My Card, My Work”

According to the press release from the law firm of Newberg & Winters LLP, freelance art director Thomas O’Keefe has filed a lawsuit against Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Digitas and American Express for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and misappropriation of advertising ideas. O’Keefe has been using the trademark “My Card, My Work” as an identifier […]

US Government Goes Viral With The Anti-Drug Message

Can really stoned people run like the wind? From CNN: The White House is distributing government-produced, anti-drug videos on YouTube, the trendy Internet service that already features clips of wacky, drug-induced behavior and step-by-step instructions for growing marijuana plants. The government linked its videos with the terms “war on drugs,” “peer-pressure,” “marijuana,” “weed,” “ONDCP” and […]

Belgium Not Drinking Google’s Juice

With all the steps people and organizations take to achieve some precious “Google juice,” it’s surprising to see parties take legal action to have their links and content removed from the all-powerful search engine. But that’s precisely the case in Belgium today. According to The New York Times, Copiepresse, an organization that helps enforce the […]

A Reserve Supply Of Fresh Spinach

Inspiration Move Me Brightly

Advertising gets old after awhile. To combat such mundane realities, Joe at American Copywriter turns his attention to a topic that never gets old—live music. Joe attended the Austin City Limits Festival over the weekend. Today, back at his desk, he dutifully reports on the highs and lows of this festival’s festival. Here’s but a […]

Gifting Decisions, Like Purchases, Driven By Self-Interest

According to Business Week, Cornell University business major Matthew Zimmerman got a practical education in advertising this summer, thanks to his Sinek Partners internship. He had to figure out a way for beggars to increase their revenue streams by creating new marketing tools—in this case, signs—for them to use. “My goal was to create an […]

An Inside Look At The Wal-Mart Pitch

BusinessWeek goes behind the scenes of the ongoing Wal-Mart Pitch. With 138 million customers shopping its stores each week already, Wal-Mart isn’t necessarily interested in new advertising to lure in even more patrons. Instead, the retailer is looking to get its existing shoppers—many of whom frequent the store for a few key items such as […]

Lowe Gets The Adweek Expose Treatment

A very lengthy article in this week’s Adweek explores the history of Lowe–both the man and his agency–as it merged and remerged through the years. Lowe’s situation is symptomatic of the problems plaguing IPG after its acquisition frenzy of the past 20 years. The holding company, after all, is still subject to an SEC investigation […]