Inspiration Move Me Brightly

Advertising gets old after awhile. To combat such mundane realities, Joe at American Copywriter turns his attention to a topic that never gets old—live music. Joe attended the Austin City Limits Festival over the weekend. Today, back at his desk, he dutifully reports on the highs and lows of this festival’s festival. Here’s but a sampling of his copy:

Best Performance by an Emaciated Male: Ray Lamontagne
Ray, we know you’re depressed. We get that from the lyrics. But eat a Whattaburger once in awhile, willya?
Best Beard: Iron & Wine
That fertile mind must also provide perfect growing conditions for facial hair. Sam’s beard was thick and bushy enough to conceal a couple of house cats, a small domestic farm animal, and the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. But the sound that came out of that beard was mesmerizing.
Most Monotonous: Son Volt
C’mon, Jay. You’ve proved to Tweedy and to everyone else that you’re totally loyal to the whole alt country thing. But would it kill you to try something new?
Best Lucinda Williams Impression by a Canadian: Kathleen Edwards
I’d heard of her, but never heard her. I liked her. And if you like Lucinda, you probably will, too.

There’s more at American Copywriter. Make haste.



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