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In Praise Of Lowly Wires, Snaked Across Utility Poles And Buried Under Sidewalks

The New York Times looks at Rupe’s move to divest his media conglomerate from its satellite TV holdings. For two decades, Rupert Murdoch worked to become king of the cosmos, launching a ring of satellites that hover over five continents. He wanted to make sure he could beam his movies, networks and sports programming directly […]

Privilege Meets Idealism And It Goes By The Name Of “Good”

The 1980s are over. Greed is no longer good. Today, if we are to believe its earnest young publisher Ben Goldhirsh, Good is good. In today’s Sunday Styles, The New York Times explores the quixotic creation of Good and the title’s nascent business plan. Mr. Goldhirsh, the son of the founder of Inc. magazine, Bernie […]

Time Seeks Shelter

I wish I had several mil laying around, for there are some nice magazines currently for sale. According to MediaWeek, Time Inc. is offloading Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Yachting, MotorBoating, SaltWater Sportsman, Ski, Skiing and several other media properties. Look at those titles…a sportman’s dream.

Popeye Is Bummin’

According to the Washington Post: Federal health officials issued an advisory about bagged spinach yesterday, saying that a preliminary investigation had linked an outbreak of a particularly harmful strain of the bacteria Escherichia coli 0157:H7 to bagged fresh spinach. The bacteria can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. Some people can also develop kidney failure. More […]

Suits Get Social

Business Week looks at how grown ups utilize social networks online. Corporations and smaller businesses haven’t embraced online business networks with nearly the same abandon as teens and college students who have flocked to social sites. Yet companies are steadily overcoming reservations and using the sites and related technology to craft potentially powerful business tools. […]

Titles Work For Nobility, Not Grubby Promoters

That ad people can be a pampered lot is no secret. But must we endure the New York Times snooping around and examining the fine print on our business cards? Title-mania is transforming the executive suites of Madison Avenue as agencies and advertisers give senior managers some nontraditional, offbeat, even wacky titles. Have you ever […]

The Science Of Sponsorship

Joyce Julius and Associates, Inc. has provided independent sports, special event and entertainment program evaluation since 1985. Earlier this year, during the running of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, the data analysis firm calculated the value of Allstate’s sponsorship of the NASCAR event. According to Rocky Mountain News, Allstate’s name was mentioned 62 times […]

It’s A Podcast. Or A Hadjcast, If You Will.

Longtime AdPulp readers know that I’m a big admirer of Hadji Williams and his book Knock The Hustle. So when Hadji came to town in June to attend a networking conference, I asked him if he’d agree to appear on a special podcast in which we could talk about the book, his experiences, and recent […]