It’s A Podcast. Or A Hadjcast, If You Will.

Longtime AdPulp readers know that I’m a big admirer of Hadji Williams and his book Knock The Hustle.
Knock The Hustle.jpg
So when Hadji came to town in June to attend a networking conference, I asked him if he’d agree to appear on a special podcast in which we could talk about the book, his experiences, and recent events in the ad world. It’s part of Radio Talent Zoo’s new Hot Mic podcast series.
In contrast to his writing style, Hadji’s soft-spoken in person, but nonetheless he had some provocative things to say. Among the highlights are his take on the unique challenges African-Americans in advertising face (6:25); a job he thought he had landed until the HR woman saw him in person (7:09); his expectations of the planned NYC Human Rights Commission hearings (13:52); what he thinks it’ll take for more minorities to get hired in the ad biz (16:00); the surprising reaction to his book (22:44); and the holding company he can’t ever work for again (26:22).
Click here to listen or download the podcast.
Hope you enjoy it. It’s my first podcast, so cut me some slack.



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