Archives for June 2006

Hybrid News Source Launches

In order to appeal to lunchtime and evening commuters wanting a print-based update of the day’s events, The Guardian will begin to offer eight to 12-page PDF documents for download. G24 will be a free service featuring news content from the Guardian Unlimited website across five subject areas: general news, international, economics, sport and media. […]

I’m A Mac

Seth Stevenson looks at Apple’s new ad campaign for Slate: Directed by Phil Morrison, the campaign is a marvel of clarity and simplicity. No slogans. No video effects. No voice-overs. And lots of clean, white space. It’s like a bath of cool mineral water when these ads come on after a string of garish, jam-packed […]

My Morning Whine

via Hugh MacLeod I like this cartoon. While I’m not quite ready to give up blogging, I can see how that day might arrive. There are many arguments to be made for and against. I’ll limit myself to one against, for now. I’m tired of how insular the activity can be. There’s an entire world […]

No Greed. No Need.

Wall Street Journal looks at Craigslist, the free classified service now serving 300 U.S. cities. No one really questions that Craigslist could be bigger — much, much bigger. The company took in a relatively paltry $25 million or so in revenue last year, while its peers among the Internet’s top 10 raked in billions. One […]

Another Shit Cannes

Care to see how the blog format can liberate a journalist from his expected approach to a story? Garfield: The Blog provides such an opportunity. It doesn’t matter that a beer costs $12 when the Crain family is paying the tab. The little woman is getting a very nearly free vacation and the beach is […]

Oh What A Relief It Was

New York Times is reporting on the return of an iconic TV commerical. Comedian Kathy Griffin appears in a remake of one of Madison Avenue’s most popular commercials, a humorous 1971 spot for Alka-Seltzer known as “Try it, you’ll like it.” The re-created commercial is to begin running today on television as well as on […]

Miller Brews A Real Blog

In what I see as a major advance for blogs emanating from large packaged goods companies, BrewBlog from Miller Brewing Company, provides daily analysis, commentary and some original reporting on the current state of the alcohol-beverage industry. The site is run by Jim Arndorfer, a reporter who spent many years covering the beer industry for […]

Lobsters Liberated From Death Tanks

Austin-based Whole Foods Market wears its ecological values like an honor badge, which one can argue is a smart business decision. Here the latest from