I’m A Mac

Seth Stevenson looks at Apple’s new ad campaign for Slate:

Directed by Phil Morrison, the campaign is a marvel of clarity and simplicity. No slogans. No video effects. No voice-overs. And lots of clean, white space. It’s like a bath of cool mineral water when these ads come on after a string of garish, jam-packed spots for other products.

Stevenson goes on to say why he does not like the campaign. Read his piece if you want that angle. My take is this work is some of the best material currently running on TV.
While no product specs are given in these spots, I’d argue that Mac buyers don’t buy on specs. And they certainly don’t buy on price. Mac buyers–loyalists and PC converts–buy machines that run Apple’s operating system because it’s easier to use, more robust, etc.
The pie chart spot is my favorite of the bunch, because it neatly exploits the idea that one can do more with a Mac.



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