Another Shit Cannes

Care to see how the blog format can liberate a journalist from his expected approach to a story? Garfield: The Blog provides such an opportunity.

It doesn’t matter that a beer costs $12 when the Crain family is paying the tab. The little woman is getting a very nearly free vacation and the beach is filled with some of the most beautiful women that money can build. All in all, another week on the French Riviera should be junketalicious.
We’d rather staple our tongue to the doorjamb.
Cannes, as you are probably by now sick of hearing, represents almost everything we despise about advertising “creativity,” because no matter how much the jury presidents protest every year, what gets screened — and too often honored — here is spectacle, novelty and entertainment value.
As opposed to genuine advertising ingenuity: the crafting of a solution for getting a selling message from an advertiser to a prospect for the purpose of selling shit to folks.



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