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Choose Your Words Wisely

Lewis Lazare despises the new Evian campaign. Evian is coming at consumers with a new print and online effort from Euro RSCG/New York that feels horrendously wrong-headed. For reasons we can’t begin to fathom, Euro has decided to advertise Evian as the water to “detox” with, a word with strong drug-addiction associations that really doesn’t […]

Caption It #18

Improper Use Of Packaging

Remember the guy from Arizona who built his own furniture from FedEx boxes? FedEx sued him for improper use of their packaging. Now, we have a new case of improper use of packaging. Two MIT students built a raft made from Gatorade bottles and paddled it across the the Charles River. After getting Gatorade’s attention, […]

Everyday Hero Takes AOL To Task

In the Age of Consumer Empowerment (made possible by millions of interlinked communications devices), companies that continue to practice draconion customer service will not only be outed, they will be forced to change, or face extinction. click for the You Tube video While watching Keith Olberman on MSNBC last night, I learned about one such […]

As Good As Radio Gets

There’s a ton of crap in the iTunes podcast directory. Which makes it all the more pleasing to find a truly great program. etown, produced by Nick and Helen Forster in front of a live audience in Boulder, Colorado is among the best of the best. Michelle Shocked and Nick Forster (of Hot Rize fame) […]

iPod Hubris Foreshadows Fall?

What happens to mega-brands that leave competitors in the dust? Bob Gilbreath, former brand manager of P&G’s Mr. Clean and self-styled evangelist of Competition, thinks that they can falter and ultimately fail when their power becomes absolute. Here’s his take on the ubiquitous iPod: Today, as Apple is celebrating its success and the failure of […]

TV Ad Spending Continues To Grow (Despite It’s Its Rumored Demise)

TV ad spending is alive and well. Most of the spots consumers are asked to suffer through still suck, but that’s not a deterrent to brands wishing to reach a mass audience. According to USA Today: Industry consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers — encouraged by the spread of digital and high-definition TV sets — is boosting its forecast […]

Unsexy CPGs Are Strongest Brands

The strongest brand in America is Reynolds Wrap, according to a Harris Interactive poll. Ad Age reports: Reynolds topped such icons as Coke, Pepsi and McDonald’s. It blew away the ubiquitous Nike. It outclassed Mercedes and Lexus. It left the hip iPod in the dust. None of those brands even cracked the top 10, which […]