Choose Your Words Wisely

Lewis Lazare despises the new Evian campaign.

Evian is coming at consumers with a new print and online effort from Euro RSCG/New York that feels horrendously wrong-headed. For reasons we can’t begin to fathom, Euro has decided to advertise Evian as the water to “detox” with, a word with strong drug-addiction associations that really doesn’t belong in the same sentence with bottled water. But somehow we’re supposed to forget all that and focus on the fact Evian can help rid our bodies of their various impurities.
As if to further muddle the message, the print ads throw in some racy images of unclothed models stretched out on the side of a snowy Alp — sexy visuals that in no way relate to the more medically focused detox message.
The absurdity of it all truly is nauseating.

What is the deal? Who drinks bottled water to detox? I drink it to hydrate.
Why not use the word “Purify”? Maybe it was already owned by another water brand. Even so, that’s no excuse.



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