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Pinch Me

High Jive brings attention to this horrid controversial call for entries from The Art Directors Club. Damn. What’s up with the advertising business? Advertising Week and the Effies promoted events with sexist imagery. Now an allegedly prestigious organization goes for cheap racial laughs. An industry that has traditionally excluded Blacks shamelessly bites the culture without […]

Hadji Williams Explains The Perils Of Multicultural Advertising

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hadji Williams’ Knock The Hustle is one of the best books about advertising ever written. But for a free sample of how insightful a writer Hadji is, check out his guest column on Talent Zoo, in which he explains just how multicultural advertising goes so wrong […]

Art Of Debate Lost On Americans

Ben Metcalfe: Mena Trott (co-founder and president of Six Apart) gave, in my opinion, a badly toned and way-off-base speech at the Les Blogs conference in which she requested for more civility in the blogosphere. She appealed to bloggers to be kinder in their commenting, and think about the feelings of the person they are […]

Streets Of Manhattan Home To Guerilla War

Jake Dobkin, publisher of Gothamist, has had it with corporate graffiti. In fact, he says, “Corporate Graffiti Sucks Balls.” I’ve written about this so many times on Gothamist that I’m worried about sounding like a broken record– but apparently the big corporations have not gotten the message. This week, Sony Playstation graffiti pieces have been […]

Bloggers Rule Tech World

Lee Gomes for WSJ: In the standard theory about technology blogs — which was the conventional wisdom until a few months ago — mainstream media were out of touch, elitist or simply ossified, and they would soon be supplanted by a grass-roots army of bloggers working intently at their laptops to speak truth to power. […]

Like A Pedometer But For Billboards

NYT: Nielsen Media Research is rolling out an ambitious, expensive effort to provide data to help measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. The data is collected by an Npod, a device resembling a cellphone, weighs 1.4 ounces and is equipped with a global positioning system. The Nielsen Outdoor unit of Nielsen Media Research had 850 […]

Praise The Lord And Pass The Gizzards

Ad Age reports on Tyson Foods’ new “Giving Thanks” booklet, which features all sorts of faith-based ways to say Grace. “People are not just buying our products, they’re buying us and they’re spending more and more time looking on the Internet and elsewhere to find out, ‘what does this company stand for,’ “ said Bob […]


Seth Godin would like to see ad execs empowered by clients to actually move the needle, as opposed to the typical dancing around it, most of us do now. What a shame that some of the smartest people in our field aren’t allowed (by their clients and by their industry’s structure) to get behind the […]