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B To The P

I must admit I have a weakness for BP’s Beyond Petroleum campaign. It’s great advertising. Which makes the following criticism all the more interesting. Energy Bulletin: Time magazine became the most recent mainstream publication to finally give detailed coverage to Peak Oil. Its Oct. 31 twelve-page spread on “The Future of Energy” follows major articles […]

Interactive Is Relationship Marketing

Ad Age has selected R/GA as its interactive agency of the year. Under CEO-Chief Creative Director Robert Greenberg, the agency is defining advertising in a customer-centric evolving age. The agency’s big idea is that while today consumers demand to be in control, their interaction with a brand is not always enacted through the Web or […]

$.99 A Song Leads To $.99 A Show

USA Today: CBS and NBC delivered another hammer blow to the traditional TV economic model on Monday by agreeing to let some Comcast and DirecTV customers pay 99 cents to watch certain hit shows on demand and ad-free. Viacom’s CBS struck a deal with Comcast that will make new episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, […]

Those Pesky File Sharers

The New York Times: Grokster, a developer of file-swapping software used to trade copyrighted music and movie files, said Monday that it would halt distribution of the software and cut off support for its associated network as part of a landmark settlement with the recording industry and Hollywood studios. The pact comes four months after […]

Show Us The Coin

There’s a “How Much Is Your Blog Worth?” meme going around. My blog is worth $108,391.68.How much is your blog worth? Seth Godin doesn’t care for it. I have no idea how much my blog is worth. I also don’t try to monetize my blog–that would ruin it. It would ruin it because most of […]

Google Is Not The Enemy

Marc E. Babej counters Scott Donaton’s rant on Google, and the need for media agencies to “stop complaining and start competing.” Media agency complacency is neither here nor there, and it’s not the issue. Donaton misses the larger point – that Google is out of any media agency’s league, for three reasons. First, as the […]

Excite The Consumer And The Enterprise Will Follow

Always On Network has an interview with JotSpot CEO, Joe Kraus. Kraus is a serial entrepreneur, having been part of the Stanford alumni contigent behind Excite, Inc. Here are a few pearls of wisdom to consider from the Krause man. I really believe that the world of business software—let’s call it enterprise software—is moving toward […]

White Stripes Original To Sell Carbonated Sugar Water

NME: White Stripes singer Jack White has finally confirmed he’s done a Coca-Cola ad – and said he’s done it to get a message of love out to the world. Speaking backstage in Paris on their European tour the singer confirmed that he has recorded a brand new, currently untitled track for the advert. “I’ve […]