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Inc. Declares “The Stupidity” Over With

Inc. has 75 reasons why it’s a good time to be an entrepreneur. Of course, such a list is much too long for me to read. So, I’ll just share one of their reasons near the top of the list. Number 2 Because the stupidity is over. No one talks about “flipping” companies anymore. No […]

Roberts Resorts To Giving His Book Away

Let’s turn back the pages of time. About a year ago, our section of the bloatosphere was all worked up about a book with a bright red cover. The brouhaha eventually died down, but it may reignite, now that a new book is being pushed on unwitting journalists and conference attendees. Ad Age: According to […]

Ad Peeps Need Discipline

Ernie Schenck thinks we need some rules to guide us. His latest CA column is dedicated to this effort. He has 31 rules in all, so I’ll cherry pick a few for you to consider. 8. Art directors will not be permitted to use Photoshop until an actual concept has been determined. 11. No meaningless […]

Separated At Birth?

Neil French & Terrell Owens: Both have recently demonstrated that no matter how talented one person is, you can’t alienate your co-workers or the company you work for by bad-mouthing them in public.

The Big Picture Is There Is No Big Picture

Lincoln Journal Star: The mass audience in the United States is splintering and dividing into ever more specialized and personalized niches. In the 1940s, more than half of all Americans went to the movies at least once week. In the ’50s and ’60s, the most popular television shows were seen in more than half the […]

Tom Messner’s Reading List

Tom Messner is a partner at Euro RSCG, and apparently he’s got a lot of time on his hands. Writing in Adweek this week, he plans to spend the next 2 months “reading and possibly absorbing as many of the available marketing books as inhumanly possible.” Here’s his list, divided into the “Old Testament” and […]

From Idaho With Love

One can always count on George Parker to tell it like it is. Chuck my Ass! What is this shit with the new Charles Schwab campaign. The one with comic book style type balloons featuring the immortal line “Talk to Chuck.” I mean, give me a break. I’ll bet some dufus at the agency, either […]

For The Love Of Vegetables

The New York Times: After a decade-long hiatus from national advertising, the Jolly Green Giant, an 80-year-old character, returns in a campaign beginning today in print ads and broadcast commercials from General Mills. Saatchi & Saatchi in New York, a division of the Publicis Groupe, created the campaign, which carries the tagline “For the Love […]