Roberts Resorts To Giving His Book Away

Let’s turn back the pages of time. About a year ago, our section of the bloatosphere was all worked up about a book with a bright red cover. The brouhaha eventually died down, but it may reignite, now that a new book is being pushed on unwitting journalists and conference attendees.

Ad Age: According to Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts, the advertising business has become a place where “there are no rules, there are no formulae, there is no best practice” and nobody has a clue about how to effectively market products to the masses.
In an Ad:Tech keynote speech heavily laced with buzzwords, Mr. Roberts suggested that the reality of the new age of marketing all boils down to the word he has used for the title of his new book: “sisomo.” Reading from a script to an audience at the New York Hilton, he explained that “sisomo” refers to the combination of sight, sound and motion as experienced on digital screens. He handed out copies of his 171-page paperback to all who entered the hall.
Published by PowerHouse Books of New York, the tome was heavy with full-page photos and sprawls of colorful graphics yet light on text.

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