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Root On

Joy enjoying at Austin City Limits Festival Maine Root, maker of hand crafted all natural sodas, knows how to create passionate users of its product. And with the care they put it to their manufacturing process, it’s little wonder. We use Organic Evaporated Cane Juice to sweeten our sodas. This sweetness is made by passing […]

Lighthouse Shows Lands’ End The Way

Corporate Design Foundation: Lands’ End enjoyed a loyal following and a successful marketing strategy, but after 40 years in business, it saw its brand image looking tired and frayed at the edges. In the process of revitalizing its identity, Lands’ End introduced a graphic system that brought order to its catalogs and higher visibility to […]

Blogger Up

Yesterday, I had lunch with two execs from a startup professional baseball league. We discussed blogs and how well suited the medium is for sports. Let’s hear from the master on the subject, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, founder of the left-leaning political blog Daily Kos and Sports Blogs, a network of blogs devoted to baseball. “I […]

Bet The House On It

USA Today: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a financial marketplace dealing in the value of everything from interest rates and foreign currencies to pork bellies, has committed to offer trading next year in a category many consumers take personally: U.S. home prices. Housing-price futures, based on the median home price in each of 10 U.S. cities, […]

“Waste” Is The Wrong Verb

Not to be left in the dust by Forbes, Ad Age published it’s own anti-blog piece a few weeks ago, that I initially scoffed at, then ignored. Here’s the lead: Blog this: U.S. workers in 2005 will waste the equivalent of 551,000 years reading blogs. I’d ignore this asinine story now, if it wasn’t for […]

Pulp Makes Triumphant Return

Who says no one reads books anymore? Thanks to Hard Case Crime, pulp-fiction is back with a vengance. From World War II through the 1960s, paperback crime novels were one of the fastest-selling categories in book publishing. They were paperbacks you could fit in your back pocket, with jaw-dropping cover paintings and bare-knuckled prose that […]

Audi Leads The Way

LA Times: Last week, Audi launched its own television channel in Britain, which, if successful, could be rolled out in other countries too. The Audi Channel will run 24 hours, seven days a week and is aimed at a mass-market audience: British car owners and car enthusiasts. The launch schedule is split between product-related “infotainment” […]

And Now For Our Visual Cliche Of The Day

VW brand evangelists will enjoy this photo set on Flick.