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Clemson Fan’s Pass Is On The Money

ABC News: Before Saturday, Chris Bostic was a $10-an-hour landscaper whose favorite football memories were running for touchdowns in Pee Wee football. But after his perfect 25-yard spiral made it though the tiny hole in a promotional contest, the Army veteran has a new favorite memory and is South Carolina’s newest millionaire. Bostic’s pass at […]

TBWA Explores The Outter Limits Of The Golden Rule

Here’s some visually provocative work from TBWA/Paris. According to Humans for Animals (the client here), animal cruelty is a problem that is not going away. Everyday, more and more animals around the globe are falling victim to the most atrocious abuse imaginable. And sadly enough, most governments and people who have the power to help, […]

VCU Has Dibs

Microsoft is rolling out something called AdCenter. My guess is the people at VCU AdCenter are less than thrilled. c|net: Microsoft’s grand ambitions for free services rest on one thing: its ability to get to know you better. The company has outlined a whole host of things it would like to offer as part of […]

Home Is Where The Home Is

Here’s a story for all the members of the Free Agent Nation among us. NYT: Millions of Americans operate businesses out of their homes, but the successful ones usually have to move out at some point because they run out of room. As their ranks grow – the number of self-employed people grew to seven […]

Cutting Nip/Tuck From The List

Media Week: Toyota has yanked its advertising from FX’s Nip/Tuck after being pressured by a letter-writing campaign directed by the advocacy group Parents Television Council. Since the show debuted two years ago, the PTC has sent letters to Nip/Tuck advertisers calling for them to pull their ads, including Toyota, GM, Ikea and the Vermont ice […]

Come To Think Of It “Magic Kingdom” Does Have An Imperial Ring To It

USA Today: Hong Kong Disneyland’s debut was marred by public relations debacles that left Mickey Mouse looking like Cinderella’s stepmother in this former British colony. In the days surrounding the opening this fall of Hong Kong Disneyland, the entertainment giant enraged local pop stars, antagonized labor leaders and earned a rebuke from its own partner […]

Another Reason To Take The Stairs

Lewis Lazare: A vocal contingent of consumers who believe advertising is too omnipresent won’t be pleased to hear it’s also about to materialize on the outside doors of elevators at two area shopping malls. The new elevator door ads for a Zippo multipurpose lighter were created by Blattner Brunner in Pittsburgh, and are believed to […]

Spike Jones On The Box

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire has some interesting things to say about common courtesy, or the lack thereof in corporate America. There is a fundamental breakdown in corporate America. And it has everything to do with giving your word and not keeping it. I’m the Firestarter here and so I’m constantly making appointments to […]