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Denton Stiff-Arms Blog Evangelists On His Way To The Bank

Nick Denton, publisher of Gawker Media’s bevy of blogs, debunks the revolutionary nature of blogs in the New York Times, calling them, “just the latest iteration of Internet media.” It’s an interesting piece, given that Denton’s a leading figure in the “blogs as business” movement. Perhaps, that’s his point though

All In The Family Plays Well En Espa

“Dialogues are more productive than monologues. We believe in teamwork, both internally and with clients. That’s why we make our clients part of the community during the entire work process. It’s an exchange focused on making the client’s business grow. We help each other to become better.” My favorite part about subscribing to CA is […]

Legally Speaking: Streaming > Podcasting

from Chicago Tribune: Steve Dahl thought he could be at the forefront of the so-called podcasting trend, which was virtually unknown a year ago. Last month he began making his WCKG-FM 105.9 afternoon show available online as a digital audio file, so those with iPods and other portable media devices can download them and listen […]

If The Conusmer Is Boss, Where Does That Leave Us?

A bunch of fat cat ad execs descended upon the Fairmont Southhampton hotel in Bermuda this week, as part of the 4As management conference. Stuart Elliott of the New York Times was there. Madison Avenue was warned yesterday that it risked being marginalized by profound changes in technology and demographics that are fundamentally changing the […]

Tastes Great At Cruising Altitude

from USA Today: Taking a marketing feud between the nation’s two largest brewers to new heights, Northwest Airlines has tapped Miller Lite to replace top-selling Bud Light on all of its flights worldwide. Northwest and Northwest Airlink

P+G Goes Beyond “Beyond Lame”

Another fake blog has reared its hideous head. This time P+G is the culprit. I understand, and can even sympathize with clients wanting to jump on the blog bandwagon. But please, will someone from the agency sector please help these clueless marketers do it right? Wrting tripe is not doing it right. Posted by “Rose” […]

Volvo CEO Uses An Old Idea To Plead For New Ideas

At the 4A’s management conference in Bermuda, Volvo CEO Anne Belec made a speech in which she announced to the crowd that she was looking for new ideas for her auto brand. And she did it right in front of Ron Berger, the CEO of her current agency Euro RSCG, who introduced her to the […]

Take That, Axe

from Ad Age: In its latest bid to attract teenage males, Gillette Co.’s Tag body spray is offering them a date with a 33-year-old married woman — MTV reality star Carmen Electra — with bidding so far topping out at $17,200 on eBay. Males ages 15 to 20 are eligible for the date with Ms. […]