P+G Goes Beyond “Beyond Lame”

Another fake blog has reared its hideous head. This time P+G is the culprit. I understand, and can even sympathize with clients wanting to jump on the blog bandwagon. But please, will someone from the agency sector please help these clueless marketers do it right? Wrting tripe is not doing it right.

Posted by “Rose” at sparklebodyspray.com:
I am SO into poetry these days. It was, like, the rap music of the ancients, you know? Of course, not all poetry rhymes…I mean, those Greek guys wrote books of it like the Odyssey by Homer (I love the part about Helen of Troy being soooo beautiful that they started a war over her). They made a movie version last year called Troy starring Brad Pitt (yummy!!). Anyhow, lately I’ve moved from Greeks to great Americans like Robert Frost. He was such an individualist, you know (not like all of those clones at school



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