Media Companies Hungry For Content

From The New York Times: Digital-era media companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as traditional media companies, including those with deep roots in television and print, continue to scour the Internet for emerging content and technology companies. But the pickings of obvious acquisition candidates, while hardly exhausted, are slimming, according to financiers, entrepreneurs and […]

Migrating To Mac

I just read one of the funniest blog posts ever. It’s about the PC to Mac conversion experience. From Que Sera Sera: This upgrade was a long time coming, a mixture of two parts being poor and one part being lazy, but the switch to the Mac was something else altogether. I had an iMac […]

Dealing With Groupies

Click the image to discover which London agency deals with groupies.

Back Scratch Fever

Jim Hanas, a freelance editor and writer living in New York City, found inspiration in heirarchy-flattening social bookmarking sites and has now brought the concept to life in an arena that means something to him (and others like him). has been making a lot of noise lately, and spawning a lot of imitators. Not […]

And Google Buys Another

Writely, the web-based word processor was purchased by Google this week. Here’s how the acquisition is viewed at Writely world headquarters. Here are our “top 10” reasons why being part of Google is fantastic for Writely and the Writely team: 10. Writely is like a caterpillar that we hope to make into a beautiful butterfly […]

Sorry Chloe, But Santino Got Robbed.

Yes, I was watching Wednesday night as Heidi Klum and crew robbed Santino of his rightful designation. Yet, I have a feeling Santino’s going to do well from here, even without the title. One of the fun things about Project Runway is watching another industry grapple with many of the same issues we face in […]

“Your Boat Is The Brand”

Once upon a time, Jack Trout was the man. After all, he is the acclaimed author of many marketing classics, including Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, Marketing Warfare, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and Differentiate or Die. But now he’s come out against word-of-mouth in Forbes, making him look old-fashioned, at best. There’s […]

Lead Me To A Free iPod

What would you give for a qualified lead? An iPod, perhaps? From Ad Age: The $20 million-a-year site that has become a poster child of the increasingly important online incentive marketing business was originally started as a “get a free condom” come-on. At lunch one day in the college cafeteria, then University of North […]