Jeff Chester Talks About The “Brandwashing” Of America

For a new podcast on Radio Talent Zoo, I interviewed Jeff Chester, the director of The Center For Digital Democracy and the author of Digital Destiny: New Media And The Future Of Democracy.
Telecom companies, The 4A’s, and other organizations are continually lobbying Congress to relax rules and regulations that control the media. Jeff works the opposite site, advocating legislation that protects consumers from invasive marketing intiatives and domination by big media oligarchies. We had a fun chat. I’m not sure everything Jeff describes has come to complete fruition, but he’s got some very real concerns.
The podcast is about 20 minutes long. We talked about Turner Broadcasting’s marketing promotion that turned into a terror scare; what Jeff calls the advertising industry’s “chilling goal” to deliver personalized ads wherever consumers go; advertisers’ reluctance to accept industry safeguards; the incredible inadequacy of websites’ privacy policies; and the advertising industry’s “shameful” lack of corporate and social responsibility.
Give it a listen. I hope you enjoy it.



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