Domain Names For Sale

I’m cleaning out some domain names. The following domains are available for immediate purchase and transfer. I’d be willing to negotiate on most of them, feel free to drop me a line to (be sure to mention the domain in question). The free appraisal service is graciously provided by Keith Pieper of Zetetic. Zetetic […]

Howard Stern May Not Be The Killer App For Sirius

A while back, I wrote that there would always be limits on what kinds of content consumers would be willing to pay for. Now comes this AP report which suggests that many of Howard Stern’s fans aren’t willing to pony up the money to hear him on Sirius Satellite Radio: A Jacobs Media poll of […]

How To Get Your Google Adsense On

Inside Adsense interviewed Ivan Heneghan, a Dublin-based AdSense optimisation specialist. Here’s what he recommends. Q. Tell us an optimisation story… have you ever seen a publisher make a small change and see big results? A. Oh yes, lots of them! But one of my favourites was a science website that was earning about $10 per […]

Peer-To-Peer Is About So Much More Than File Sharing

According to a study by Edelman, trust in peers has increased from 20% in 2003 to 68% today. That’s a massive spike. “We have reached an important juncture, where the lack of trust in established institutions and figures of authority has motivated people to trust their peers as the best sources of information about a […]

Caption It #16

[via Gizmodo]

Shish Kabobs For All

Jeremiah Owyang has some excellent advise for writers who publish on the web. Research indicates that people who read online tend to skim content, rather than read work for work, line by line. I encourage bloggers to write in the style of ‘Shish Kabob’, rather than writing in the style of the ‘Steak’. Cut up […]

Schoenberg Becomes Burrito Man

AdAge reports that, “Chipotle Mexican Grill today named TDA Advertising & Design, Denver, its agency of record.” And that, “A phone call to the agency for comment wasn’t immediately returned.” Had the call been returned, perhaps AdAge would have learned that TDA is actually located in Boulder, that wheat grass drinking college town, 30 miles […]

You Know Something’s Amiss When A Mormon CEO Blasts A Republican Dominated Congress

USA TODAY reports that Marriott International CEO J.W. Marriott Jr., blasted hard line Republicans for their anti-immigration stance. The U.S. House on Tuesday approved legislation that would make criminals of illegal immigrants and employers who hire them, even unknowingly. The Senate has yet to debate the bill. “Do you look upon yourselves as felons?” Marriott […]