Ambien Wakes Up To The Bad Press

There’s nothing like a few weeks of TV news horror stories to get a marketer motivated. From Ad Age: Two weeks after news that taking Ambien could result in binge eating and driving while asleep, sales of sleeping medications began tanking, finally causing Sanofi-Aventis to wake up and advertise the safety of its product. And […]

Babej And Pollak Bring Their Reasoning To Forbes

Marc Babej and Tim Pollak, partners at Reason Inc. and writers of Being Reasonable, have a new gig. Forbes has brought them on as columnists. Here’s some of what they offer in their first riposte for the business magazine. The demonization of selling (as practiced by advertising creatives) is counterproductive to the end game of […]

Farley Returns To Drive Traffic To Lame Website

An ad campaign for Prometa, a medical treatment program for addicts, features deceased comedian Chris Farley as a silent spokesperson. A few days ago, Farley’s face appeared on a billboard on the Sunset Strip with the caption “It wasn’t his fault.” Here’s the banner ad version: My only disconnect is the Prometa website. It is […]

Don’t Tell Goodby

TV advertising is already in a vise grip, as client spending moves to the interweb, event marketing and other areas. Now, this news from Ad Age: Don’t be so quick to sneer at that late-night Ginsu-knife ad. It likely represents the future of TV advertising. Direct-response TV experts boldly predict that in five or 10 […]


USA TODAY reports Major League Baseball’s online unit, MLB Advanced Media, is taking its biggest step into non-sports entertainment by joining with music marketing and licensing power Signatures Network in a 50-50 venture. Their still-unnamed partnership, forged late last month, will offer musicians in Signatures’ stable ways to use the Internet to take charge of […]

…And Mexico Runs On Churros

Taglines are difficult to write. Nike’s famous, “Just Do It” is one in a million, for instance. With that in mind, here’s Hill Holiday’s new effort for Dunkin’ Donuts. I get where the line is going, but it asks that I, and all who encounter it, suspend disbelief. I’m willing to do that with a […]

DeVito/Verdi Climbs Out On A Tender Limb

DeVito/Verdi is one of the more creative agencies in the land. Therefore, I was surprised to see the following pro-bono campaign from the New York shop. If we can put aside what we think about Bush and his war, and focus just on the ad, it’s simply not up to DeVito’s own standards. No big […]

Wendy’s Marketing Execs About To Find Out “How It’s Playing In Peoria”

From the newly redesigned Ad Age: Fed up with more than a year of sales declines and what it sees as a lack of voice in marketing, a group of powerful Wendy’s franchisees have formed an independent organization to get management’s attention. The move is a stunner at a chain long the gold standard for […]