Writers Take The Bait

Todd Anthony, a.k.a. Bullshit Observer, gets his Craigslist Crumedgeon on in this riff concerning lame job offers for writers:

Here’s the gig, it’s a 30 page tri-fold brochure. Here’s the catch: I don’t have really any money. How about 300 clams? Does that sound fair? Oh, did I mention that I get to comment at every stage of the approval process until I see a stream of tears coming down your beet red face? Did I mention that I’ll be briefing you on the project by email one little trickle of critical information at a time? Did I mention that I’ll let you get to the 17th round BEFORE I show it to my boss”? Did I mention that those are actual clams, not dollars? We’re a seafood distributor.



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