Roehm Leaves Bentonville In The Dust

Boy, if you thought DraftFCB was up shit’s creek before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because the key client decision-maker at Wal-Mart who gave the account to them has gone–after 9 months on the job. From Ad Age: Ms. Roehm’s departure comes a little more than a month after the retailer handed its account to […]

Charmin Lets You Squeeze One Out In Times Square

I love New York City, but I’ve often thought that it’s a very atypical test market compared to the rest of America for the purposes of conducting marketing experiments. But I think this is a pretty good idea. From The New York Times: From next Monday through Dec. 31, the Procter & Gamble Charmin brand […]

Ads On Conveyor Belts: The New New Thing

Today’s Ad Age points to the latest media outlet: the checkout counter. “Conveyor belts have never been on anybody’s radar screen for marketing,” said Frank Cox, president-CEO of EnVision Marketing Group, a Little Rock, Ark., firm with a patented system to print digital, photo-quality ads directly on conveyor belts. “But a store with eight to […]

Advertising-Supported Restaurant Is A Hoax. For Now.

There are a few “reviews” of The Butter Trough on restaurant-finder websites, and there was a help-wanted ad on Craigslist, but alas, there is no such place. Not yet, at least. From its website: The Butter Trough is the world’s FIRST 100% advertisement supported restaraunt. Come down to our Atlanta Facility to enjoy food and […]

Big Black Women On The Commercial Casting Couch

The New York Times takes a closer look today at the increasing use of heavyset black women in ads: This caricature, playing on stereotypes of heavy black women as boisterous and sometimes aggressive, has been showing up for some time in stand-up comedy routines and in movies like “Big Momma’s House’’ and “Diary of a […]

For Chrysler, New German Campaign Ist Nicht Gut

Ad Age reports that Chrysler’s new campaign featuring “Dr. Z” isn’t helping their sales: The automaker won’t report July sales until later this week, but independent auto-information site forecasts Chrysler Group’s U.S. sales will slide 17% vs. July 2005. The drop reflects one fewer selling day than last year. There are other reasons why […]

Old Ads Get New Life Thanks To YouTube And Others

American Copywriter points to this ad for Winston. Never mind the “I can’t believe they got away with this back in the day” factor. If old commercials keep cropping up, can brands that truly want to change their image succeed? Because nearly every brand that’s been around for the last 50 years ago has some […]

Jessica Simpson Is New Cover Girl For Anti-DRM Movement

USA Today is running a story on the clue Sony BMG just got. Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair” went on sale this week at Yahoo Music, and unlike every digital song sold on competitors Apple iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody, it is compatible with all portable music players. The song is in the open MP3 format […]